(Disclosure: I’m an angel investor in Flattr, and the views expressed here are strictly my own.)

As we get to the end of another month, I see more tweets from people asking for suggestions on what cool content they can #flattr before their “monthly allocations” get allocated and tick over.

While I often tweet in response, I can only fit 2-3 suggestions in 140 chars, so I thought to start a list — and if I can stay organized enough, I’ll try to highlight my favorite “things” each month from now on.

Of course I’d also love to hear from you about what content you’ve found to flattr and if there’s anything you’d want to recommend in turn. So let me know what you think in the comments below, please.

(NB: If you’re not yet a Flattr user and/or don’t know what I’m going on about, check out the video here or at the home page and sign up! If you know about it but remain unconvinced let me know that too and maybe I’ll do a “What I like about Flattr” post, since there are so many things I could cover on that topic.)

So with all of that said, here’s my list if you’re looking for more stuff to flattr in October.  This isn’t in any particular order and spans from the “just for fun” to “respect” to “super cool and useful” — and everything in between, with many being all of the above.

  • MrDoob: You can flattr most of his projects and “experiments” , but my favorite is ball pool (just for fun)
  • Fluck: Some very cool photography and I never get tired of looking at some of the portraits in the prison chess or any of the NYC in HDR sets
  • Monocubed: More stuff for fun (love all the talent that can be displayed online), I liked ragdroid, Galactic Inbox (which some of you have surely seen) and london cycle hire real time map
  • MattMurray: In a world getting overtaken by short form (twitter, tumblr, posterous), I love that there’s a bonafide blog post here every single day
  • TomThrop: I think Tom and Matt (above) are friends, and again… respect.
  • Tran|Script: To be honest it took me a while to work out what OER (main topic of this blog) meant, but this is why I love the web and Flattr: to help me learn and discover things I might not have otherwise come across.  And now that I know the acronym it’s obviously a worthy subject area. There’s quality writing here and also the occasional non-OER post, for example convincing David Lowery (of Cracker and Camper van Beethoven) to use Flattr too.
  • Techdirt: As “online news” becomes more frantic (and really sometimes only slightly more researched than 140 char tweets), Techdirt is tops for true journalism, research and in-depth analyses on a variety of tech-related topics.  For example, here’s a timely piece for this weekend re: halloween candy, and here’s another piece re: one of everyone’s all-time favorite songs happy birthday
  • Breadpig: How can you not love this site and everything it stands for?  Case in point: If you hadn’t heard, their community/users recently succeeded with a campaign to take over the Reddit logo which is pretty darn cool
  • rob_sheridan: Of course I was a Nine Inch Nails fan (don’t get me started).  Rob Sheridan has started putting flattr buttons on some of his photography collections and other things… what more do I have to say?
  • taz.de: One of Germany’s largest daily newspapers using flattr buttons on every single one of their stories and articles.  That. So. Rocks. Quality mainstream journalism here such as this piece on privatization of water. (Thank you Google translate, and I can’t wait until I can flattr a UK paper’s online site).
  • SparkleShare: You like Dropbox?  (Who doesn’t?) You like open source? (Who doesn’t?) Check out SparkleShare, and give it a flattr because it’s a damn fine idea.
  • TheStyleScout: I keep looking and looking (not for myself!) because I just know I’m going to spot one of my fellow @whitebearyard‘ers here
  • phil aka Lightweight Outdoors: Always nice to sometimes think not just about bits and bytes (or valuations and liquidation preferences), but to consider journeying into the great outdoors.
  • leethal: So, you have a new ground-breaking web service.  You’re going for world domination.  What’s the best way to crack the US market?  Early-adopters? Techies? Puh-lease…! Crafters rule… and happen to be kick-ass evangelists!  Check this out
  • kpwerker: leethal’s not the only one.  Take a look at kpwerker’s stuff — and you’ll learn that obviously crafters and technies are not mutually exclusive!

So what do you think?  What do you see on here that you like or what did I miss?

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4 thoughts on “Favourite Flattr things #fsp

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  2. What did you miss? WHAT DID YOU MISS?! Obviously you left out all of MY stuff. Geez.

    Actually, after checking out the stuff on the list, you probably made the right call.

  3. Hello! I’m new around here…
    I started using flattr recently for my Non profit organization, ofc, we can always use some more money…
    We’re making free tutorials on how to use foss application such as blender, gimp, inkscape etc… and we’re also working on a free open source cross platform role playing game…
    Check out my link pls http://www.FreezingMoon.org
    and flattr if you like (button on homepage etc)

    Best regards!

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