Catalyses – ca⋅tal⋅y⋅sis /kəˈtæləsɪs/ [kuh-tal-uh-sis] –noun, plural -ses /-ˌsiz/ [-seez]

1. Chemistry. the causing or accelerating of a chemical change by the addition of a catalyst.

2. an action between two or more persons or forces, initiated by an agent that itself remains unaffected by the action: e.g., social catalyses occasioned by controversial writings






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  1. Not for publication
    My difficulty with most of the commentators about women in technology is that they have no qualifications in a technical subject; no interest in technology -other than its use and are too often ‘queen bee’ types who alienate those who dont see career as everything. I graduated in electronic engineering 25 years ago and have sons who will become professional engineers in a workplace barely different from that I started my career in meanwhile most others have changed dramatically. If you want some real data for your future posts contact me as I do actually care about more women having success in high tech companies rather than making a noise about how special they are.

  2. Congratulations on the launch of Passion Capital. It would be great if you could let us know the agenda and focus it would bring on women led initiatives which forms wowElle’s target audience. It would also be a privilege to cover Passion Capital’s launch and areas of objectives and vision as you are part of founding team. Im sure both of the above would be a great inspiration and motivation for many more women out there to emulate your focus and success. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thanks and regards – Joshi Jose

  3. Hi Eileen,
    I have tried to submit a form on both White Bear Yard and through your Passion Capital site. Unfortunately, it seems that both forms are the same and once you get to the submit stage nothing happens.
    If you happen to read this it would be great to chat about http://www.PleaseFund.Us.
    Kind regards,

  4. We are looking a silent business partner or loan (urgently) to US$1,500,000, We interest in a possible co-operation with your establishment according to the policy of your institution and we want to work with you on the project. We will be able to pay angel investors back their investment PLUS at least five times their investment in cash by year 5 (or 10 times the investment by year 10).

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